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The Journey

A lifetime seeking adventure.

Sustainable and Luxurious

Inspired by the rugged natural beauty of the central California coast, I spent many summers imagining what lay beyond the horizon. 

During my university years, I worked as delivery crew on cruising and racing yachts around the Pacific Ocean. After several years on blue seas, I decided to accompany a friend to the very green jungles of Central America to work as a river expedition guide.

Eventually, I traveled beyond the Americas, circumnavigating Australia, climbing the Himalayan mountains, teaching in Japan, crisscrossing India, and met my true love on a live-aboard dive boat trip in the South Pacific. Together, we have spent the last thirty years raising our family in Southeast Asia and Europe.  I have literally come full circle as I now live life on the other side of that California horizon.

From my earliest travels and throughout the years, I searched for travel accessories to withstand rugged adventures and chic getaways.   Never finding what I wanted, I designed my own, and Sea & Savannah was born.



What’s in a name? 
The ‘Sea’ is clearly inspired by my passion for sailing and all things nautical.  Most at home in the water, I feel at peace being in, on, or near it.  Any body of water will do, and any type of watercraft, but above all I love sailing. 
The ‘Savannah’ part came later in my life.  I was introduced to safari by my husband.  First, in East Africa (Tanzania) then later in Southern Africa (South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Namibia) and India.  The spirit of the wild animals and pristine nature, endless open skies, and cultural beauty inspired in me a humbling respect for the circle of life.  
My collections are influenced by British nautical heritage with whispers of safari and hints of glamour.  I share my travel experiences with you through design and celebrate the spirit of adventure and curiosity.  I hope you, too, will feel these inspirations throughout the collections and I know you will appreciate the sustainable environmentally friendly materials used throughout each design.  I am honoured to present them to you.


Materials of Modern Technology

The leather, brass, and canvas materials used by adventurers hundreds of years ago have evolved with the help of modern technology.  Today’s durable, lighter and eco-friendly materials are not only beautiful and environmentally sustainable, but luxurious. Modern materials that offer endless design possibilities.

the spirit of adventure
& curiosity

The 'right' gear for the journey.

From that first sailing trip, I have pursued the perfect travel bag - an essential accessory that could withstand rugged adventures, and later in life, less rugged weekend getaways.  Never finding exactly what I needed, I decided to design my own.  My first bags were the perfect holdalls for the stuff of my dreams.  What followed were expanded collections of travel, living, home & garden accessories.  Accessories inspired by curiosity, courage, adventure, and romance as well as a desire to live more sustainably, responsibly and with empathy for our planet and all living beings on it.  Each collection is a manifestation of my lived experience and my unceasing desire to always know what exists over the next horizon.  This includes my Lunar Collection, a manifestation of my fascination with space travel.


It is against this backdrop of adventure and environmental concern that Sea & Savannah was realized.  My collections, which are aesthetically infused with British nautical heritage, a hint of the campaign, and a whisper of safari, reflect my own travel experiences.  As the founder of Sea & Savannah, I continue to be driven by a desire to make the most of every moment I spend on this planet.  Travel remains a passion and a desire to leave a better world for my daughters gives meaning to my designs.

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